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Redlight is owned and run by artist Rebecca Ogden and musician Shea Hagan, and staffed with love by a small and tight handful of equally creative folks. We love (in no particular order) each other, drinks, food, art, music, our customers, and our town. We are known for providing fine, carefully made cocktails, craft beers and wines, as well as cheap canned beers and specialty shots, because Bellingham has the taste of a connoisseur with a blue-collar heart. Order at the bar and find that we like to keep things simple, but excellent, and above all we know how to have a good time.

The space is cozy, sparkly, still has the original (115+ year old) meathooks and other architectural details, and comes complete with a 110 year old murder mystery. Redlight is the perfect spot for a night off from the rock and roll, the best place for a special date, and a regular stop for servers from other wonderful local bars and restaurants. With wifi, coffee, booze, locally baked pastries and a constantly changing bar menu, Redlight is a dream come true for anyone looking for a public space to work in peace. We've got more than a little something for everybody. Come in and we'll prove it.

Last but not least: the live music is intimate, awesome, and rare. We host only one weekday show a month and none on weekends). Shows are always 2-band bills from 10-midnight so that you can catch the whole show and still manage to get home at a reasonable hour or wander away to see what's happening down the street...because we're considerate like that. 

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November 16th, 2012 Ben Von Wildenhaus, Dorian Wood ~ Doors @ 9 $6

Ben Von Wildenhaus

Wildenhaus on Great Melodies From Around:

”The album was always intended for two-sided format such as tape and vinyl. Each side was labored over to come out exactly 22 minutes long, the maximum length of quality audio on one side of a 12 inch at 33 1/3 rpm. Each side begins and ends with an identical chord created by layered sine-waves from a 1960s science room sine-square wave generator. Each side descends from the purist audio form - the unaffected sine wave - to various states of decaying audio fidelity - old warbly cassette decks and walkmans, am radio transmission, etc. Each side then ascends back and concludes with the sine-waves again. This makes the vinyl and the tape an endless loop, and each side indistinguishable until a couple of minutes into them. And for each listener “side one” is which ever side they heard first.

The Fall 2010 tape was the “foreign market bootleg” version of the forthcoming LP/CD “Great Melodies From Around.” I made about 100 or so hand decorated and hand weathered tapes and distributed them via mail to old friends far and wide, musicians and magazines I respect and some random people I don’t know at all. My biggest hope for these tapes is that someday someone will find one at a Goodwill in a random town, put it in their car stereo and be honestly confused as to the decade, country-of-origin, and intended target audience of the music.

My biggest hope for the record is that some faded bro sitting on a couch somewhere will suddenly realize that he or she has absolutely no idea what the hell they are listening to, even if they were the one who dropped the needle in the first place. This goal is inspired by the first Reeks and Wrecks record, which brought about just such an occasion once or twice, with me as the dude on the couch.”

Dorian Wood

Los Angeles-based artist Dorian Wood is "armed with a vocal charisma that would befit a preacher and an experimental streak that would make avant-gardists swoon" (WNYC Culture). A wunderkind with a headstrong DIY discipline, Dorian has brought his emotionally-charged performances to concert halls, museums, music venues and performance spaces throughout the US, Mexico and Europe, with a voice that channels the skill and ferocity of such auteurs as Scott Walker, Nina Simone, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Born in Echo Park, California, Dorian began his musical education at a very early age, continuing his studies at Conservatorio de Castella in Costa Rica, and eventually making his way back to Los Angeles, where he first gained exposure performing on the queer bar circuit. His debut album, BOLKA, received wide critical acclaim for its impeccable merging of folk, soul, Bulgarian choral music and experimental music. His follow-up EP, Black Pig Suite, featured members of the L.A. experimental orchestra Killsonic, of which Dorian was a principal collaborator and performer for 3 years.

In early 2010, Dorian was joined onstage by legendary artist Little Annie at (Le) Poisson Rouge in New York. That same year, Dorian received critical praise for his performance and "picture perfect" art direction (Los Angeles Times) in the Killsonic opera, Tongues Bloody Tongues, presented at the REDCAT in Los Angeles. Dorian performed at the REDCAT again in 2011 in the opera Zoophilic Follies, along with TImur and The Dime Museum.

Most recently , Dorian was commissioned by LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) to present a new work for the performance series Los Angeles Goes Live, part of Pacific Standard Time. Dorian's performance installation, Athco, Or The Renaissance of Faggot Tree, incorporated over 30 performers, and was presented at Barnsdall Art Park on October 9, 2011. Dorian also performed with acclaimed artist Marina Abramovic in her piece An Artist's Life Manifesto, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on November 12, 2011.

Dorian has also performed at LACMA, UCLA, Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica), Pacific Design Center (West Hollywood), The Stone (New York City), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco) and the Stockholm Fringe Fest (Sweden).

His 2010 album, Brutus, featuring only Dorian on vocal and piano, was recorded live at St. Giles-in-the-Fields, a church in London, in the midst of his European tour.

For the past 3 years, Dorian has been working on his magnum opus, Rattle Rattle, the official studio follow-up to BOLKA. An epic collection of original doomsday-themed songs that form one strong, continuous piece (think Scott Walker re-doing Brian Wilson's Smile), Rattle Rattle incorporates over 75 musicians, including a 45-member choir assembled by Dorian himself, The Difficult Women, as well as guitarist Michael Corwin (Correatown), bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing, Fiona Apple), trumpetist Daniel Rosenboom (Josh Groban) and members of Killsonic, and featuring duets with Angela Correa (Correatown, Les Shelleys), Leah Harmon (Petrojvic Blasting Company), Eddika Organista (El Haru Kuroi) and renowned French artist Nina Savary. Rattle Rattle is slated for release later this year.