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Redlight is owned and run by artist Rebecca Ogden and musician Shea Hagan, and staffed with love by a small and tight handful of equally creative folks. We love (in no particular order) each other, drinks, food, art, music, our customers, and our town. We are known for providing fine, carefully made cocktails, craft beers and wines, as well as cheap canned beers and specialty shots, because Bellingham has the taste of a connoisseur with a blue-collar heart. Order at the bar and find that we like to keep things simple, but excellent, and above all we know how to have a good time.

The space is cozy, sparkly, still has the original (115+ year old) meathooks and other architectural details, and comes complete with a 110 year old murder mystery. Redlight is the perfect spot for a night off from the rock and roll, the best place for a special date, and a regular stop for servers from other wonderful local bars and restaurants. With wifi, coffee, booze, locally baked pastries and a constantly changing bar menu, Redlight is a dream come true for anyone looking for a public space to work in peace. We've got more than a little something for everybody. Come in and we'll prove it.

Last but not least: the live music is intimate, awesome, and rare. We host only one weekday show a month and none on weekends). Shows are always 2-band bills from 10-midnight so that you can catch the whole show and still manage to get home at a reasonable hour or wander away to see what's happening down the street...because we're considerate like that. 

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MONSTERS! Submit! October group art show!



MONSTERS! Submit! October group art show!

We're putting together a group show of new work for October's art show!

Here's what we want from you:
- New piece(s) on the theme of monsters. Any kind of monster will do.
- Submit image(s) to, with the word "ART SHOW" in the subject line, by September 24th.
- Once accepted, pieces must be wall-ready with wire hangers and finished tags (including artist's name, price, and title if any) by drop-off date (October 1st, between the times of noon and 2:30pm, unless other arrangements have been made). 

Here's what we will do for you:
- We will hang, organize, and promote the show.
- Art Reception, first Friday of October, 6pm-10pm, in conjunction with Art Walk.
- SELL! We've had really good luck selling artwork at Redlight and we don't take any commission. 


Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: November 24