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Redlight is owned and run by artist Rebecca Ogden and musician Shea Hagan, and staffed with love by a small and tight handful of equally creative folks. We love (in no particular order) each other, drinks, food, art, music, our customers, and our town. We are known for providing fine, carefully made cocktails, craft beers and wines, as well as cheap canned beers and specialty shots, because Bellingham has the taste of a connoisseur with a blue-collar heart. Order at the bar and find that we like to keep things simple, but excellent, and above all we know how to have a good time.

The space is cozy, sparkly, still has the original (115+ year old) meathooks and other architectural details, and comes complete with a 110 year old murder mystery. Redlight is the perfect spot for a night off from the rock and roll, the best place for a special date, and a regular stop for servers from other wonderful local bars and restaurants. With wifi, coffee, booze, locally baked pastries and a constantly changing bar menu, Redlight is a dream come true for anyone looking for a public space to work in peace. We've got more than a little something for everybody. Come in and we'll prove it.

Last but not least: the live music is intimate, awesome, and rare. We host only one weekday show a month and none on weekends). Shows are always 2-band bills from 10-midnight so that you can catch the whole show and still manage to get home at a reasonable hour or wander away to see what's happening down the street...because we're considerate like that. 

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$4, 10-midnight

Valley Maker (with former members of Rooftops)
Austin Crane began releasing music under his own name while in college in Columbia, South Carolina. In his final year of school he released his first full-length record under the name Valley Maker. These new songs, based on ancient creation narratives, offered up a bazaar of surreal and mythic imagery that bordered on the absurd while somehow remaining existential. The sounds of this new project—inspired by the likes of Will Oldham, Phil Elverum, and Jason Molina—were stripped down, more indigenous, and attracted a strong grassroots following.

Moving in fall 2013 to Seattle, WA, Austin’s second album as Valley Maker is set to release on the 10th of August, entitled “Yes I know I’ve Loved This World.” This album introduces expanded percussion, guitar and vocal textures, while maintaining the independent folk ethos of the first release. Recorded over four days at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC, the new album similarly features vocals from Amy Godwin (of Anne Bonny) from Atlanta, GA and accompaniment from longtime musical collaborators/bandmates in Columbia. It is a departure lyrically from the more linear mythology narratives of the first release and leans instead of sequences of elegy and affection, a strange pairing that yields powerful songs.

On August 10, 2013, Valley Maker will release its second full-length album, titled "Yes I know I've loved this world." It will be available for download at

A personal project of singer-songwriter Stephen Steen, Specters delivers hook-heavy power pop that takes an occasional turn for the tender.
Paying ample homage both to the 90s slacker rock anthems of Pavement, Weezer, and Built to Spill, and the brazen eccentricities of new wavers Talking Heads and XTC.

“Bellingham’s new indie pop darlings.”
-What’s Up! Magazine (Bellingham)

“The Washington-based lo-fi alt rock duo hit the mark and achieve what they were hoping to accomplish on their debut EP, Poor Cletus. Their lyrics and smooth guitar riffs have so much Weezer-esque power and soul.”
-Marcel’s Music Journal (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Specters are another Bellingham band that I’ve seen grow into a more defined sound of their own. Poor Cletus, their latest EP, is largely influenced by 90’s garage rock but still maintains the sleepy-eyed, youthful energy that makes Bellingham such an incredible place for new bands.”
-Cameron Deuel, MindsOnMusic (Seattle)